Bucket List: Watching/Swimming with Turtles at Laniakea Beach in Oahu

At Laniakea Beach in Oahu, a quick hour long drive from Waikiki, you can stop to view sea turtles that had come to shore to bask in the island sun. It’s one of the many reasons to rent a vehicle to discover the entire island, allowing you to get up close and personal with a sea turtle.

To access the beach, you can park across the road. Make sure to bring everything you need with you (including the camera) because you aren’t going to want to cross the busy road more than you have to. It can get busy in the area, so be prepared for that.

To make it a free activity, you can pick up a snorkel rental set from one of the local equipment rentals, or take part in a snorkelling tour where the equipment is usually provided free of charge (but you have to pay for the tour). We bought snorkel sets at Costco, and used those. Remember to respect the turtles.  That means no touching!

We immediately noticed the volunteers in the area, ensuring the protection of the Honu, or the sea turtle. You will see the volunteers with red ropes that are designated as ‘no go zones’ for the tourists that are stopping to snap some pictures, as the turtles sunned on the beach.

Adventure Details:

Location: 83 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa HI 96712

Directions: The beach is located on Kamehameha Highway. Park near where Kamehameha Highway intersects Pohaku Loa Way.

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