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Road Trippin’ Around Oahu with a Baby

What to see and do around Oahu with a baby!

When you’re planning a road trip with a baby, you’re going to have to take the term ‘planning’ lightly. It’s one of those driving adventures where you can take as little or as long as you would like, and happened in a time before we obsessively researched destinations and the hidden gems we wanted to see while we were there, so it was one of those trips where we just got in the car, drove, without a real destination in mind.

Laniakea Beach | One of my favourite moments from the trip happened on this small stretch of beach where you could rent snorkel gear, and snorkel with turtles. Traveling with a baby, we skipped the snorkeling, but spent time visiting the turtles sunning themselves on the beach. Watch for the signs, and park on the opposite side of the road, walking across the busy road (carefully) to the beach. We were able to see the sea turtles up close, being respectful of the rope guides set out by the volunteers in the area, to protect the turtles.

Byodi In Temple | Lush Hawaiian Greenery greeted us when we happened upon the temple. The Buddhist temple at 47-200 Kahekili Hwy was a peaceful stop, with easy parking and stroller friendly grounds. We spent the morning walking around, ringing the peace bell and just enjoying the incredible serene experience of the space.

Dole Plantation | Lots of activities for younger and older children, we didn’t take part in these because we traveled with an infant, but we stopped by the Plantation Grille for the infamous Dole Whip, choosing not to take part in any tours, or the largest maze.

The North Shore | Lucky enough to be road trippin’ on the weekend, we had the chance to sit on the beach in awe of a surfing tournament happening on the beach. Finding hidden gems, hole in the wall places to eat on the side of the road and tucked away beaches that weren’t filled with people was easy, when we spent two days driving around Oahu.

Traveling with an infant, it’s important to be flexible. Grab everything that you need for the day – and more than you think you need (like those basics that might be hard to find in-store). We learned on that day, the importance of this when we couldn’t find a place to buy diaper cream or powder, for a rash from the humidity.

Plan for traffic, we spent about an hour in traffic trying to get back to Waikiki, to our hotel for the evening. Use traffic apps, and try to find the best route to get back, while avoiding ‘busy times’ but make sure you’ve got everything you need if you’re spending the day driving around the island.

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