5+ Extras to Bring to All Inclusive Resorts in Cuba #FamilyTravelCA

We’re traveling to Cuba this week, and have a few things on the list that we’re bringing with us as extras – that may or may not be there (because Cuba) – but things that are going to enhance the experience that the kids are going to have on the vacation.

Here are some of the extras to bring to Cuba with Kids:

Beach toys + Pool Floats

Bring along sand toys and floats if you’ve got space in your luggage. Not all resorts are going to be equipped with these items, and it’s going to make things like snorkeling close to shore, playing in the pool or wading in the ocean.

Tylenol, Benedryl, Gravol 

This trio of medications is one that we bring on every vacation, to ensure that we’re not stranded in search of medication (like the time we had to spend two hours searching for somewhere to buy Benedryl camping deep in the mountains, or the time we couldn’t find diaper cream anywhere, vacationing in Hawaii. Bringing those essentials from home saves time and stress when you’re vacationing away from home. Any over the counter medication that you think your’re going to need, or prescribed medication, should she packed along with you.

Sunscreen (More than you think you need)

Always pack enough sunscreen to get you through the vacation, more than you think you’re going to need. Aerosol sunscreen is convenient but disappears quickly when you’re applying it multiple times, so we like to ensure that we bring along cream sunscreen for the kids. We like to pack at least one bottle person, per week. Remember to put it in a freezer bag within your luggage to prevent spills on clothes.

Kids Snorkeling Gear

On snorkeling trips, the tour may not have child size snorkeling gear. If these excursions are something you’re going to experience, or you are going to snorkel close to shore at popular beaches, bring your own child-sized set. For about $30, you can purchase a set from Costco, including everything you need and a handy travel bag to carry it all, that easily fits in your suitcase.


I’ve packed a bunch of Clif Kids Z Bars in my bag, because it’s no doubt that the kids are going to get hungry before we leave the room in the morning to get breakfast, but also that I might need a little something after they go to bed. If the resort doesn’t offer 24 hour room service, pack some small snacks to bring along with you. Some resorts offer snacks, some don’t.

Freezer Bags 

Freezer bags can help to contain the sand and treasures that are coming home with you, and also be used to bring a little snack from the buffet to your room. Bring more than you need, you will be thankful you have them with you.

Movies + Media 

We’re going to Cayo Santa Maria, where I’ve heard the access to Wi-Fi is limited at the resort. For this reason, we’re making sure we have movies + music ready to use, without having to download, so the kids can play at their leisure.

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Traveling to Cuba soon? What are some of the things on your ‘must pack’ list when you’re bringing along the kids?

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  1. Hahahahha! Jamie does not leave home on a vacation without his giant Costco ketchup. It’s the funniest thing that I think he packs!

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