Disney with Kids: The Guide To Official Pin Trading


Collect, trade and have fun pin trading at Disney!  Here is our Guide to Official Pin Trading!

One of the souvenirs I’m most excited about when it comes to bringing the kids to Disney, is the pins. (photo credit: Disneyland website).

You can trade pins with cast members on Disney Cruises, Cast members in Disney Parks, in Disney Parks stores where trading books are often kept behind the counter, with other fans and even online through popular trading forums.

Here are some tips for Pin Trading with your Kids:

Find a Member with Pins for Trading
The lanyards that are worn by Disney Parks staff members are the pins that are available for trading. Once you locate the cast member in possession of a pin that you would like, communicate with them, letting you know that you would like to trade. Ask the cast member to trade pins – and present the pin that you have to trade. Stocking up before you go through the online store saves you a step on your vacation, and makes it a little easier to enjoy everything else in the park.

Take it to Another Level
The different levels of pins that can be traded are: green, red, blue, yellow, pink, lavender. The great thing about trading pins with cast members is that you aren’t limited to trade within colors. So, if you’ve got a lower level green pin and they’ve got a pink one, you can still the trade.

Get the Starter Lanyard
There are various starter lanyards that are available for purchase. These ‘starter lanyards’ are going to enable you to get a few pins and the lanyard, and have extra pins to trade in case you only want a couple that came with the starter kit. You can buy these ahead of time, on the DisneyStore.com website, or in gift shops when you get to your Disney destination.

Happy Pin Trading!

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