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Explore: Lewis & Clark Caverns

Did you know that you can explore and camp at Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park?

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One of our favourite stops in Montana was the Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park.  The main attraction to this area are the limestone caverns, and are a must see if you’re there!  On a guided tour you will see stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and helictites that line the caverns.  The hike to the caverns and the guided tour will take about 2 hours, and is easy enough for the whole family to do. And did you know you can camp here too?  It’s a great time.

Camp and Explore: Lewis & Clark Caverns

The Hike Up to the Caverns

The hike up to the caverns is an easy uphill hike on a mainly paved pathway, with some steps.  The views from the walk up are great, and you will also get the chance to see some fossils along the way!

Camp and Explore: Lewis & Clark Caverns

Camp and Explore: Lewis & Clark Caverns

Guided Tour

Now for the fun and fascinating part, the tour of the caverns!

Camp and Explore: Lewis & Clark Caverns

Once you go into the caverns be prepared for it to get dark, cold and damp, so make sure you have a sweater with you.  Also, be prepared for some tight spaces.  I’m a little claustrophobic, and I was able to complete the tour fine, but I will admit I was very relieved once the last door opened up into the sunshine!  Our kids had no problems with the tour though, so that was good!

Camp and Explore: Lewis & Clark Caverns

Your tour guide will lead you through the many rooms in the caverns and explain things as you move along.  You will learn the history of the naming of the caverns, the geology in the making of them and anything else you might want to know about the Lewis & Clark Caverns!


Initially we went to Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park with the intent just to take a tour of the caverns, but we also discovered that you can camp right there!

Camp and Explore: Lewis & Clark Caverns

The campsite is located at the base of the caverns, in a wide open field tucked in the mountains.

Camp and Explore: Lewis & Clark Caverns

We highly recommend the campground!  We enjoyed the quiet, the open views, and unique camping experience. And having a campfire under the wide open sky was so nice.  Plus it was great to be right there when we were ready to take the tour of the caverns in the morning.

Camp and Explore: Lewis & Clark Caverns

When we visited, there were forest fires in the region, so the air was tinged pink…which made for beautiful sunsets!

Camp and Explore: Lewis & Clark Caverns


Camp and Explore: Lewis & Clark Caverns

If you get the chance, definitely visit this unique geological wonder!  Here are a few more details about camping and the guided tour:

Campground Details:

There are 4o campsites, a tipi, 3 cabins, and group camping is available for camping.

  • Some sites have electric hook-ups
  • Sites can accommodate both trailers and tents
  • Pets are allowed
  • There are hiking and biking trails as well.

Lewis & Clark Cavern Tour:

You are only able to access the caverns through a guided tour.  You don’t need to make a reservation (they won’t take one anyway), but get there early so you can get on a tour quickly.

  • A Big Adventure’s Review:  A great tour, and a must see!
  • Hours:  For hours visit their website.
  • Cost:  There is a cost associated with the tours.
  • Time:  Plan for 2 hours from start to finish.
  • Length of hike:  ~ 3.2 km
  • Pets:  When we visited, there were kennels available to keep your dog in while you took the tour, as pets are not allowed into the cavern itself.

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