4 Things You Need to Bring on Your Next Family Camping Trip

We’re almost there, can you feel it? Camping season is right around the corner. Camping is exciting with the entire day to explore and thirty-seconds bedtime in a tent – but we’ve got a few things to make camping trips even more magical, for those epic weekends away in the wilderness.

Glow in the Dark Native Shoes | There’s nothing better than glow in the dark shoes – especially when you’re camping and the kids are running around after dark. Avoid hide and seek though, because the shoes are going to give them away. Native shoes are comfortable, dry quickly in case they get wet, and they’ll stay glowing all through the night.

Mystical Fire | Mystical Fire changes the colors of the fire to a magical, fairy-tale like fire, filled with colors. It’s usually available at campground stores, but it’s less expensive if you buy it before you leave on the camping trip. For a couple of bucks, you get some great bang for your buck around the campfire. Our advice? Split the package from Costco with a group of friends.

Special Marshmallows | Flavoured marshmallows from local boutiques, or even purchased from candy stores are even more fun when it comes to roasting. If you’re making a road trip to the US, you can often find different flavours, and stash them away for camping treats. 

Life Gear Twist Glow Stick | These glow sticks are great, because if you wait to get them out for a weekend trip, they’re going to last through most of it. Plus, they come in fun colors and you can attach them to the tether at the top of the tent for just enough light to avoid kids being afraid of the dark while you’re in the great outdoors.

What are some of your fun-making things to bring along on camping trips with the family? 

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