How to Plan the Ultimate Family Road Trip

Simple and Practical Tips for How to Plan the Ultimate Family Road Trip!

Going on a road trip doesn’t need to be more stressful than necessary! Planning and preparing ahead of time will help take the load off!  Here are some of our favourite tips:

Plan the Route

Use the ‘Roadtrippers‘ app to not only plan your trip and find cool things along the way, or the fastest route, but also check out advice from other roadtrippers and have it easily accessible on your phone, throughout the road trip. We just used it to plan a trip to Oregon, and it was a lifesaver.

How’s the Car?

The last thing that you want to happen on the road trip is an issue with the vehicle. Make sure it’s topped up on fluids, that you’ve got a spare tire, and that your roadside assistance is in order. If you’re unsure about your vehicle, you might want to consider a rental for the trip, to make things more reliable.

Find Cool things Along the Way

Have a list of places that you can stop along the way. Bonus point if these stops along the way include fun things for the kids to do, and burn off some energy, to maximize the time outside the car. Playgrounds, parks, or just spaces for them to explore and run, quick hikes – these are all great options for family-friendly stops on long road trips.

Pack the Car

Packing the car for not only what you need but for when you need it is going to save time rooting through the many things that you need for the road trip. We like to use plastic drawer containers for those frequently required items, new activities for the kids, snacks, quick changes of clothes to avoid having to unload the luggage at the overnight or quick stops before you arrive at your final destination. Pack the items that you’re going to need first at the end, so they’re easily accessible at the edge of the vehicle.

In Car Entertainment

If you’re traveling with kids and want to get there fast, you’re going to need entertainment for the kids. We recommend travel journals, where kids can color and snap pictures using a camera like the Instax Mini for instant memories, travel bingo, printable activities, along with colouring and activity books from the dollar store – these are going to help entertain the kids, and you’re not going to feel guilty chucking them in the recycling bin when the trip is over.  Load up their favourite television shows and movies on the iPad, bring lots of paper and have them pass notes in the car, between each other, or to you, for quiet time, and brush up on your road trip games.  For more tips, read our 25 Genius Road Trip Tips for Parents.

Pack the Snacks

Seriously, pack the snacks and avoid those gas-station stops that are going to break the road trip budget, and get the kids jacked up on sugar. Use refillable water bottles, and snacks that are pre-portioned to make it easy. Have the snacks easily accessible to the kids, so you’re not spending the trip with your arms reaching into the back seat, distributing food.

How to Plan the Ultimate Family Road Trip

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