Get 1-7 Day Itineraries for 1,000+ Cities for Free with Visit A City

Visit A City is a free app that provides you with access to 1,000+ itineraries and travel tips.

There are plenty of resources for planning your next vacation, but when it comes to trying to compile it all, it can be tricky to decide what to do, where to go, and where to explore, as well as the best things to fit in during your trip, based on your preferences.

‘Visit A City’ is a free app that provides you with access to 1,000+ itineraries and travel tips. To start planning your next vacation, choose your city and the amount of days that you’re going to be spending in the city.

For example, we chose Paris, and input four days. Multiple itineraries came up for the option, with itineraries like landmarks and attractions to walking in Paris and Paris for Families. 

After making the choice, you will be given your itinerary, down to the minute with instructions about how to get there. It creates an itinerary that’s based on the most effective routes to see everything and approximates how much time you’ll spend at each location. It’s one of the most effective apps that we’ve ever seen – and is an extremely effective way to discover new cities.

You can even edit your itinerary, and make changes to create an itinerary that’s perfect for your family. With a user friendly design, easy to use guides and itineraries that are the most thorough we’ve found – you’ve got to try this one!

Download Visit A City here.

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