25 Things to do in Ucluelet

Over the years we’ve visited Ucluelet, BC many times and every time we fall in love with it more.  People often ask us, what’s there to do there?  Well let us tell you…there’s a lot!  Here are 25 Things to do in Ucluelet!  Including what to see, where to eat, cheap and free activities and more!

25 Things to do in Ucluelet!

  1. Find the Evelyn May on main street…hint…it’s a boat.
  2. Explore South Beach (Tuciiqis).  This was our favourite beach, with perfectly rounded beach stones.
    Giant Pacific Octopus, Ucluelet Aquarium
  3. Visit the Ucluelet Aquarium This is an amazing aquarium which is home to local species that are released back into the wild at the end of every year.
  4. Find Sea Lions that like to hang down at the boat launch. You’ll hear them before you see them!
    Bears at Thornton Creek Hatchery
  5. Visit the Thornton Creek HatcheryAnd if you’re lucky you might even get to see bears who love to hang out here and catch fish.
  6. Buy seafood fresh off the boat!  Fishfull Thinking and The Crab Lady (near Tofino) are great!
    Street Art Ucluelet
  7. Walk around Ucluelet and find all the wall art around town.
  8. Have a campfire on the beach.  Make sure to check which ones allow them.
    Ucluelet Harbour
  9. Walk around the harbour and look at the fishing boats.  We find the harbour fascinating.  And when you’re there, look for starfish on the poles.
  10. Beachcomb on Terrace or Little Beach.  We like to look for sea glass and explore the tide pools.
    Zoe's Bakery & Cafe
  11. Get an Fogust (a London Fog) and a cinnamon bun to go from Zoe’s Bakery & Cafe.  So good.
  12. Visit the Big Beach Mystery Shipwreck.
    Wickaninnish Beach
  13. Visit Wickaninnish Beach.  This is SUCH a beautiful beach. And a favourite with surfers.
  14. Visit the Kwisitis Visitor Centre.  This centre is located between Wickanninish Beach and Florencia Bay. You can learn a lot about the history of the area here.
    Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet
  15. Walk the Wild Pacific Trail.  This is a MUST.  It’s a gorgeous rainforest and sea side walk.
  16. Find the Amphitrite Point Lighthouse.  Walk the Wild Pacific Trail to the Amphitrite Point Lighthouse.
    Rainforest Trail, Ucluelet
  17. Walk Rainforest Trail.  A gorgeous 1km boardwalk hike through the rainforest.
  18. Create something with driftwood on any of the big beaches.  Kids love to make little lean to’s and shelters to hang out in.
  19. Take a wildlife tour or go on a whale watching excursion.  You can sign up to do these at many outfitters in the area.
  20. Take a surf or paddleboard lesson!
    Love Locks, Wild Pacific Trail Ucluelet
  21. Find the Love Locks on the Wild Pacific Trail.
  22. Check out all the cute shops along the main street in Ucluelet.  My favourite is Pina Styles, which is a boutique full of unique west coast inspired prints and clothing, all designed by a local artist.
    Ukee Dogs, Ucluelet
  23. Go for gourmet hot dogs at Ukee Dogs.  The Mac & Cheese Dogs are delicious!
  24. See the Grey Whale Skeleton at Jamie’s Whaling Station.
    Tide Pools Ucluelet
  25. Explore tide pools for sea creatures.

There are so many things to do in Ucluelet…we really hope you enjoy your visit to this amazing place!

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  1. Don’t forget the Founding Fathers cairn! My Paternal Step-Great Grandpa John Margotish is on it!

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